All students at Oquirrh Hills Middle School are important, valuable
individuals and have certain rights while at school. All students have the right to
acquire a quality education in a safe environment. All students have the right to
be treated with RESPECT by fellow students and all adult staff. All students
have the right to express their thoughts and feelings in an appropriate manner.
With these rights come certain responsibilities. Students are to refrain
from inappropriate or distracting behavior. Students have the responsibility to
follow the guidelines established by the administration and individual teachers.
Each student has the responsibility to treat their fellow students and all adult
staff with the same RESPECT that they expect. Behaviors causing another
student physical or emotional harm including threatening, teasing, fighting, etc.
are not acceptable.

If students have difficulty meeting these responsibilities, teachers and/or
administrators will intervene in one or several of the following ways: contact a
parent/guardian, consultation with parents, after school detention, suspension,
suspension to district hearing, referral to law enforcement, etc. Administrators
will refer to district policies AS67 and AS90 for proper procedure and


I. Board Policy
Jordan District schools are to provide a safe, wholesome, healthy
educational environment where academic learning, personal development and a
sense of pride and accomplishment can flourish. Part of the educational
process is learning self-discipline and appropriate behavior. Therefore, it is the
policy of the Board to enforce all Utah laws related to conduct on school
premises and school buses and to see that students are taught to preserve
school property including all school facilities and equipment.
The Board also recognizes that dress and grooming seriously affect the
behavior of students attending school and may also impact sanitation and safety
conditions. Because experience has demonstrated that the learning
atmosphere is improved when students both look and act appropriately, the
Board hereby authorizes the establishment of standards of student conduct,
dress and grooming.

The Board delegates to the Administration responsibility to see that
each school adheres to the conduct, dress and grooming standards established
by the Board in the guidelines of this policy. Further, all district and school staff
members shall have a share of responsibility in seeing that these standards are
implemented and enforced in classrooms, in school buildings, on school
grounds, on school buses, at school activities and other occasions as appropriate.

II. Administration Policy
The Administration shall implement Board policy according to the
following guidelines:

A. Student Conduct

1. Classroom Behavior
Students shall conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to a
productive learning atmosphere for themselves and their classmates.
Students are expected to be attentive, cooperative and industrious while
in the classroom. Students who habitually disrupt or destroy the
learning atmosphere shall be disciplined according to the procedures
established in policy AS67–Discipline of Students.

2. Assemblies and Activities
These are considered special student privileges where participation is
contingent upon appropriate behavior. Students shall show respect to
all performers. No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium. Students
who disturb, disrupt, or show disrespect shall lose the privilege of
attending and may be subjected to disciplinary action as outlined in
Policy AS67–Discipline of Students.

3. Protections and Care of School Property
Students are expected to use school equipment and facilities
appropriately and to behave in such a way that school property is
preserved and protected. Students may be disciplined for improper use
or treatment of school facilities and/or equipment.

4. Behavior at Competitive Events
Students are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all
competitive events and conduct themselves according to the rules of fair
play both as spectators and participants. While healthy competition is
encouraged, cheating or rude and disruptive conduct shall not be

5. Patriotism and Respect for the Flag
The Flag of the United States of America shall be appropriately
displayed at all schools in keeping with customary and accepted
practices. Students shall show proper respect for their countryʼs
emblem. Instruction should include the frequent repeating of the Pledge
of Allegiance by students and teachers. Discourteous treatment of the
Flag or other national symbols shall be cause for disciplinary action.

6. Use of Alcohol, Tobacco, Narcotics and Drugs
By law, student use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, narcotics and
drugs is prohibited. Students who break the law shall be disciplined
according to the guidelines set forth in policy AS90–Drugs and Alcohol.

B. Dangerous or Disruptive Conduct

Students, who engage in dangerous or disruptive conduct, including
bringing any weapon to school, committing arson, burglary, larceny,
criminal mischief, battery or assault, or who engage in activities, which
violate federal, state or local laws, shall be excluded from school.
Students with prior knowledge of dangerous or disruptive behavior have
the duty to report such behavior to school administration. Students that
fail to report such behavior are subject to appropriate disciplinary
sanctions. (See Policy AS67-Discipline of Students).

C. School Dress and Grooming

Students shall dress in a manner that shows respect for the educational
environment and is befitting the dayʼs activities. Studentsʼ clothing and
jewelry must not present a health or safety hazard or distraction, which
would disrupt the educational mission. Disruption is defined as
reactions by other individuals to the clothing or adornment, which
causes the teacher/administrator to lose the attention of the students, to
modify or cease instructional activities, or to deal with student
confrontations or complaints.

1. Personal items such as clothing, paraphernalia, jewelry, backpacks,
items that disrupt the educational mission shall not be allowed.
Fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles, etc., shall be free of writing,
pictures, or any other insignias, which are crude, vulgar, profane,
violent, or sexually suggestive.

2. Items which bear advertising, promotions and likeness of tobacco,
alcohol, or drugs or which are contrary to the educational mission,
shall not be allowed.

3. All students shall maintain their hair, mustaches, sideburns, and
beards in a clean well-groomed manner. Hair, which is so
conspicuous, extreme, odd in color or style that it draws undue
attention, disrupts, or tends to disrupt or interfere with the learning
atmosphere at the school, shall not be allowed.

4. All students shall wear clean clothing. Clothing, jewelry,
accessories and piercings which are so conspicuous, extreme, or
odd that they may draw undue attention, disrupt, or tend to disrupt,
interfere with or pose a health or safety issue to the learning
atmosphere at the school, shall not be allowed.

5. Students shall not wear clothes that are mutilated, torn, cut off, or
immodest, e.g., short shorts, mini skirts, dresses and shorts must
be a least mid-thigh length or longer when seated. Sleepwear,
including slippers, is not appropriate school attire.

6. Military clothing or insignias, which are part of the official uniform of
the U.S. Armed Forces, are not to be worn except where authorized
by law. (Wearing of the military uniform is regulated by provisions
of Title 10, USC 771-772, and Army regulation 670-1 29-4).

7. Hats of any kind are not allowed within the building except as part of
an approved activity, or for religious, or medical purposes.

8. School officials may require students to wear certain types of
clothing for health or safety reasons in connection with certain
specialized activities.

9. Gang-related clothing, colors and paraphernalia shall not be allowed
in schools or activities. School officials will determine what
constitutes "gang" clothing, colors, and paraphernalia after
consultation with law enforcement agencies as needed.

10. Shoes shall be worn at all times that insure personal safety and

• Because of health concerns regarding the sharing of personal items students
are not allowed to exchange or lend clothing or personal grooming items.
• Clothing items are the responsibility of the individual student and will not be
retrieved by school personnel, except in cases of theft.


The school recognizes the need to reduce the risk of use and abuse of illegal
substances among students. Therefore, the use, misuse, or possession of
alcohol, drugs or counterfeit substances (legal prescriptions) or over the counter
items (in excess of an 8-hour dosage), inhalants, and all associated
paraphernalia is prohibited on any school district property, in any building owned
or operated by the school district, or at any activity sponsored by the school
district whether or not it is held on school district property.


A. Substances falling under the provisions of this policy:

1. All substances defined as illegal in the Utah Criminal Code 58-37-1 et
2. Alcoholic beverages.
3. All prescription medications in excess of a required individual dosage for
an 8-hour period except for those medications required by elementary
students which are held in the school office.
4. All over-the-counter medications/treatments in excess of a
recommended individual dosage for an 8-hour period.
5. Any substance used with intent to do personal harm or injury or to
disrupt the educational process or learning environment.

B. Students found in violation of this policy shall be entitled to the due
process procedures outlined in Policy AS67-Discipline of Students.

SCHOOL POLICIES (back to top)

Our goal is to ensure a harassment free learning environment that is in
compliance with state and federal law. It is the intention of Oquirrh Hills Middle
School to provide a safe, orderly environment where all individuals are treated
with courtesy and RESPECT. Any form of harassment is prohibited.
Harassment is defined as unwanted behavior, speech, writing, pictures, text
messaging, internet blogs, etc. directed at an individual or group. It does not
matter if the person who is doing the harassment says he/she was only kidding
or having fun. If his/her behavior hurts someone, it is wrong. Students have the
right to be at school and feel safe. Students who feel they have been harassed,
sexually or otherwise, are encouraged to report the harassment to a responsible
adult such as a counselor, teacher, or school administrator as soon as possible.
Disciplinary action shall be taken against individuals who are guilty of
harassment and may be referred to law enforcement.

Students will record their hall pass use in the planner. Our purpose is to teach
students responsibility and limit their requests to get out of class. A separate
hall pass is provided for each quarter of the school year. Students are limited to
10 hall pass privileges per quarter. Medical conditions or other extenuating
circumstances may be discussed with the administration.

Please be respectful of our custodial staff by keeping our hallways free of litter.
Open containers are not allowed in the halls. In an effort to keep traffic flowing
freely, please do not congregate in the intersections or in congested areas.
Horseplay and roughhousing are not allowed. Public display of affection is
inappropriate at school.

We request that students not arrive at school any earlier than 7:20 a.m. as there
is no adult supervision prior to this time. After school, students need to exit the
building by 3:00 p.m. Any student staying beyond that time must be with an
adult supervisor.

Non-educational items are disruptive to the school environment and will be
confiscated if brought to school. Such items include: laser pens, pagers,
CD/MP3 players, radios, fingerboards, chains, video games, etc. Cell phones,
which are being used during school hours, will also be confiscated. Confiscated
items of nominal value may be destroyed.

State law requires each student to be properly immunized and verification
documented with the counseling center.


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At Oquirrh Hills Middle School we, the participants and patrons, exemplify an
environment of mutual respect and cooperation, a commitment to excellence in
all endeavors, and the encouragement of positive character traits. The Jordan
School District requires that all students achieve mastery in the basic skills. Any
absence from school interferes with the studentʼs opportunity to master these
skills. In an effort to increase student success, prepare them for attendance
expectations in their future careers and exemplify our commitment to excellence,
Oquirrh Hills Middle School has established the following attendance policy.

Oquirrh Hills Middle School is committed to academic excellence and
understands that learning is increased with consistent attendance. This policy
states the responsibilities of Oquirrh Hills Middle School teachers, students and
parents regarding school attendance, and defines absences and tardies.

Attendance Policy Goals
Oquirrh Hills Middle School attendance policy will help students achieve
success in their courses as well as accomplish the following goals:
• Develop student responsibility
• Develop quality citizenship
• Increase respect for teachers, other students and learning
• Prepare for future employment

The Role of the Parent
• Parents shall avoid interruptions of the academic year and plan
medical appointments and vacations at times that will not require
students to be out of school.
• Parents shall support school, district policies and state law by
expecting regular school attendance.
• In the case of illness or other legitimate reasons for absences, the
parent shall contact the attendance office and notify the school of
studentʼs absence.
• The role of the parent is further summarized by the following:

Utah Compulsory Attendance Laws [53A-11-101] requires every school age child to
be in school. Parents are responsible for their childrenʼs regular school attendance
and may be charged with a misdemeanor if they fail to ensure their studentʼs regular
attendance. Parents are responsible for notifying the school when an absence
occurs within five school days of the absence.

The Role of the Student
• Students shall gain the most of their educational experience by
regularly attending and being on time to all classes.
• Students shall be present in assigned or designated areas at all
• Students shall follow proper check-in/check out procedures.
• After an absence students shall obtain make-up assignments from
the teacher and shall turn them in promptly.

The Role of the Teacher
• Teachers shall keep accurate roll of all absences and tardies.
• Teachers shall emphasize the importance of punctuality by
beginning class promptly with a bell ringer.
• Teacher shall discuss attendance issues with students as they arise
and inform the school administration if attendance does not

The Role of the Administration
• The administration shall enforce and uphold Utah State Compulsory
Education law that may include a referral to juvenile court for
excessive absenteeism.
• The administration shall identify students with attendance issues
and work cooperatively with parents and students to improve
• The administration shall use earnest and persistent efforts to
improve studentʼs attendance.

The Role of the Attendance Office
• The attendance office shall keep administrators and parents
informed of attendance problems.
• The attendance office shall notify parents of excessive absenteeism
by phone message, calling machine or letter.
• The attendance office shall review attendance daily and resolve
discrepancies in student attendance records.
• The attendance office shall provide excused check-in/check-out
slips upon authorization by a studentʼs parent/guardian by phone or
in person.

Attendance Code Definitions
Code Explanation Definition
A Absent The school received no contact from the parent or guardian
regarding absence
C Check-In/Out The student checked in or out with a valid note or call from a
parent or guardian during the same period
D In school suspension Student is placed in a detention at the school and is in
E Excused Absence The student was absent and considered excused because of
illness, medical appointment, death or funeral of a family
member, wedding, court etc…
G Guardian Knowledge The student was absent and is considered excused because
the parent or guardian provided a call or note. In the case of
excessive absence, this excuse is not considered excused by
the Truancy Court.
H Home & Hospital Ill 10 days or more with appropriate paperwork completed
I Excused Check-In The student checked in with a valid note or call from a parent or
J Testing Student is in a school sponsored testing situation
K Detention/Crisis
Center Student is currently in a court detention setting or JRC

L Excused/made-up
tardy The student came to class or left early with a valid and verified
N School Activity The student is out of class due to a school sponsored activity
O Check-Out The student checked out with a valid note or call from a parent
or guardian
S Suspension Student has been removed from the school setting for
disciplinary reasons
T Tardy Up to 10 minutes late to class
U Unexcused check-in The student checked into school late with no excusal
V Vacation/Education
leave The student is absent due to a prearranged vacation or
educational leave.
W Past 10 Minutes More than 10 minutes late to class
X/Y Administrative
Conference Student was involved in a conference with a school counselor
or administrator
Z Truant Student was truant and parents or school verified the truancy.
This includes students leaving the school without checking out,
not arriving at school as expected or missing any part or all of a
scheduled class without permission.

All teachers will use the same definition for tardy: Students are tardy if they are
not in the classroom when the bell rings. If a student goes the entire quarter
without any tardies, he/she will be invited to attend the "No Tardy Party" at the
end of each quarter. OHMS will follow this tardy policy:
1. All teachers will require their students to complete a graded activity
each day as soon as the bell rings.
2. This starter activity will be computed with each studentʼs grade in each
class. Unexcused tardy students will receive a zero on this starter
activity, thus negatively affecting his/her overall grade in the class.
These points cannot be made up.
3. If a student has an excused tardy or absence, teachers will have the
option of allowing a make-up of that dayʼs starter activity OR not
counting it. An excused tardy or absence will not adversely affect a
studentʼs grade.
4. Periodic tardy sweeps will be conducted by the administration in the
form of a "Tardy Explanation Sheet" which is handed out to students
who are still in the hall after the tardy bell. Students who receive this
assignment will have until the following morning to return it to the office.
Students who do not complete the assignment are assigned an after
school detention.
5. Classroom/School consequences will be assigned to students who
exhibit continued tardy behavior. Notifications will be sent home with
the student.

Utah Compulsory Attendance Laws [53A-11-101] requires every school age
child to be in school except when a parent excuses the studentʼs absence for
legitimate reasons. Truancy is an unexcused absence. A student is truant if
• Leave school without a parent/guardian signing the student out
through the Attendance Office
• Arrive at school, but do not attend class
• Obtain permission to go to a certain place but do not report there
• Stay home without parental knowledge
• Leave class without permission
• Use a forged note to check in or out of school
• Arrive to class more than 10 minutes late without a valid excuse

Utah Compulsory Attendance Law requires that school administration use
earnest and persistent effort to improve student attendance. Student
attendance will be tracked for appropriate action, which may include parent
conferences and referrals to truancy school, truancy mediation and/or truancy


Oquirrh Hills Middle School provides computerized attendance information
updated daily to assist parents and students. Students and parents may check
class grades and attendance records by visiting our website
(http://jordan.k12.ut.us/ohms) and choosing the Skyward Family Access link
to the online program. This system requires the use of confidential student or
parent codes. These codes are mailed home at the beginning of the academic
year. Due to the Federal Privacy Act, it is required that these codes be picked
up in person at the Counseling Center if parents are requesting them after the

If a student arrives after 8:05 a.m. they must check-in with the attendance office.
When a student must leave school during the day, it is their responsibility to
obtain a check-out slip from the attendance office before school. The
parent/guardian must sign the student out in the attendance office in person
before the student will be released. Only a parent, guardian or other individuals
listed on the registration card may check a student out from school. If a child is
not to be released to a non-custodial parent/guardian listed on the card, it is the
custodial parentʼs responsibility to notify the Attendance Office. Proof of a
protective order or court order must be provided. If a court order is lifted, the
custodial parent must provide a copy of the court order to the Attendance Office.

Oquirrh Hills Middle School has a closed campus policy which means students
are not allowed to leave the campus without following the proper checkout
procedures. Student visitors will not be allowed at school. Adult visitors must
obtain a "visitor pass" from the Main Office before proceeding into the school
building, or they may be charged with trespassing. Parents wishing to attend a
class also must follow this procedure.

Students may apply for up to 10 days of educational leave per school year. A
parent must call or send a note to the Attendance Office no less than two days
before the scheduled absence in order for the student to receive an Educational
Leave Form. Students will then present the form to each teacher throughout the
day to make arrangements for pending work.

When a doctor writes an order for a student to be out of school for over 10 days,
a parent needs to contact the attendance office to arrange for Home and
Hospital Teaching Services. The doctor order must be provided to the
attendance office Home and Hospital Teaching Services can begin. The order
must specify the length of time being requested for Home and Hospital Teaching

If a student misses three or more days of school because of illness, parents may
request homework by contacting the counseling center at 412-2360. Please
allow 24 hours between the time the request is made and the time the
homework is picked up.

When students move outside the school boundaries, they need to withdraw from
Oquirrh Hills Middle School. This process includes obtaining a withdrawal form
from the Attendance Office, obtaining a signature from each teacher, returning
all textbooks, cleaning out lockers, and paying any fines. Failure to complete all
of these steps may result in delay or denial of credit.


Our counselors care about students. They spend a lot of time helping students
solve problems. They will listen to concerns, suggest options and help students
get back on their feet. They also make schedule changes, conduct SEOP
(Student Education Occupational Plan) meetings and offer individual/group
counseling on a variety of topics which may include: Anger Management,
Behavior Control, Conflict Management, Divorce, Peer Mediation, Social Skills,

The Student Educational Occupational Plan is designed to help students set
goals, explore educational and occupational options and make plans for their
future. Through this process, we want all students to gain an understanding of
how their education relates to their future success. We want students to gain a
stronger personal understanding and to develop a skill set that will aide them in
obtaining a satisfying career. All of our students are involved in this process and
spend at least one week in our career lab each year working on career
exploration. Our SEOP schedule goes as follows:

7th Grade: The SEOP process is in conjunction with the TLC Guidance and
Career Class. Students will do several self and career assessments through
this class. The experience culminates with a group SEOP meeting during the
day to which parents are invited. During this meeting, we introduce the SEOP
process, review the students self assessments and answer questions.

8th grade: The SEOP process runs through the studentʼs U.S. History classes.
They spend one week in the career lab doing further career exploration. We
schedule an individual meeting for the student and their parents during the day
to discuss the studentʼs career exploration, goals, interests, high-school
graduation requirements and opportunities that are available to our students
during their high school years. We are willing to re-schedule these
individualized appointments during the school day.

9th grade: The SEOP process takes place in our Geography classes. Students
have further opportunities to explore occupations and to set goals for their
future. Students also have an opportunity to participate in Reality Town, which
is a program that helps students to gain an understanding of the financial
responsibilities of an adult, how to manage money, and how their educational
performance could impact their future success. We also review high school
graduation requirements and invite students and their parents to attend a high
school orientation night at the Riverton High School.

OHMS has created a collaborative culture. Teaming is the practice of creating a
core group of teachers (we team Science, Social Studies and Language Arts)
who share a common group of students. These teachers meet regularly to
coordinate curriculum, make connections between subjects, analyze testing
data to guide curriculum, discuss student work and determine interventions for
struggling students. They develop more challenging work for all students. The
students benefit from these teachers being able to identify and meet the needs
of each student in a collaborative setting.

The faculty and staff at OHMS are here to help students. There are many
support systems in place to help students feel comfortable at school. The daily
interaction the students receive allows faculty and staff to be supportive when
they notice a student is upset, struggling or celebrating a great accomplishment.
More formal support is available for students such as Teacher Advisory, Peer
Mediation, Counseling (individual and group) and Administrative
counseling/meetings. Also available to Jordan School District students and their
families is the Jordan Family Education Center. This center provides additional
support for students and families ranging from individual counseling to parenting
classes. Please contact the school for further information.

OHMS faculty and staff offer many avenues of academic support for students.
One of the main purposes of teaming is to identify student needs and provide
interventions more quickly. Teachers are also able to identify those students
requiring a more challenging curriculum. Support is also available through
structured weekly enrichment sessions. Students and parents are also able to
make appointments with teachers, counselors and administrators as necessary
to ensure academic support. Counselors monitor student progress and meet
with students who are struggling or show a sudden change in academic
performance. Teachers also identify students needing additional support and
provide appropriate interventions.

Oquirrh Hills Middle School provides a formal opportunity for helping students
achieve when additional help is needed. Enrichment is held three days each
week from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Although subjects vary each day, assistance is
offered in science, math, language arts, social studies, wood/metal shop, foreign
language and research skills throughout the week.

ZAP (Zeros Arenʼt Permitted)
At Oquirrh Hills Middle School we believe every assignment has educational
value and promotes student learning. In order to help all students learn at high
levels, Oquirrh Hills Middle School will provide students with additional time and
support. Beginning this year, we will implement a ZAP program to provide this
additional support.

This program offers an alternative to traditional conferences by placing the
responsibility and focus of the conference on the student. The student compiles
a portfolio of work samples from each class to present to the parent. The
student also presents the parent with an evaluation form from each class that
both the teacher and the student have filled out. The parent and student set
short-term goals and create a plan on how to achieve the goals. Finally, parents
may visit their studentʼs teachers during the "friendly visit" hour of the
conference. The Student Led Conference allows for open communication
between the student and the parent with a focus on student success.

Students who do not feel well may obtain a note from their teacher to report to
the clinic. The clinic is for short-term use only where students may remain up to
15 minutes. The Attendance Office will notify parents/guardians if the student
requests to be checked out of school. It is extremely important for the
Attendance Office to be able to contact parents in an emergency situation.
Providing the school with your current place of employment and/or phone
numbers can minimize delayed notification.

The Jordan School District requires that any student who is required to take
medication during school must have a medical release form completed, signed
by their doctor and returned to the Counseling Center before the medication can
be dispensed at school. School personnel cannot dispense any medications
(not even aspirin) without the medical release form. Students are allowed to
take their own medication. According to the Jordan School District Drug and
Alcohol Policy, students may not have more than an eight-hour dosage of a
prescribed or over-the-counter medication at school at any time. Students may
not share any medications with their peers or they will be in violation of the
Jordan School District Drug and Alcohol Policy and will be disciplined

Our lunch manager and staff provide students at Oquirrh Hills with a variety of
healthy food options. Besides the full-meal line, a la carte items such a pizza,
salads, fries, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, cookies, pastries, and desserts
are available. Students may not share their lunch account numbers with friends.
Vending machines contain a variety of beverages, snacks, and candy. Students
may use these machines at their own risk. Oquirrh Hills is unable to reimburse
students for money "lost" in the machines. Tampering or abusing the vending
machines will result in reimbursement for damages, disciplinary action and/or
court referral. In order for the cafeteria to remain a calm, safe, and enjoyable
environment for everyone, we ask that students demonstrate responsible and
respectful behavior. Parents will be notified if irresponsible, disrespectful or
unsafe behaviors are observed and disciplinary action will be taken. School
Lunch is a Federal program. No charges are allowed. All accounts must run a
positive or zero balance.

We are experiencing increasing problems related to students sharing lockers.
Individual lockers are assigned to each student. Sharing lockers and
combinations is strictly prohibited. Students are responsible for the security of
items brought to school and stored in their assigned locker, including P.E. and
shop lockers. Privacy of individual locker combinations is the responsibility of
the student. Students are advised that it is a violation of the locker contract to
share their locker or combination with other students. Students are not allowed
to write on, scratch, carve, dent or in any way deface or mutilate their lockers or
anyone elseʼs lockers. Students and parents are required to sign a locker use
contract. Students who violate the terms of this contract may lose their locker
privileges, or be subject to other consequences as determined by the

School lockers are the property of Jordan School District and may be
searched by school officials at any time. Illegal items found in lockers
may be confiscated and students may be prosecuted for illegal items.

The school furnishes textbooks to students. These textbooks are a major
school investment. It is the responsibility of the student to properly safeguard
the books assigned to them. Reasonable wear and tear is expected as result of
daily use. Fines will be charged for unreasonable damage or loss.

The IMC (library) is open from 7:20 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. daily. Students will be
allowed into the IMC before and after school, between classes and during lunch.
The IMC is well supplied with materials and equipment that may be checked out.
Fines are assessed for overdue materials. The following general rules will be in

1. The IMC is a place for study, research, reading and scheduled activities.
The staff will insist that a proper, quiet atmosphere be maintained.
2. No food or drink will be allowed in the IMC.
3. No backpacks at any time. Before and after school, students will be
instructed to place their packs in a holding area inside the IMC.
Students coming to the IMC during class should leave their packs in the
4. Passes to the IMC are required during class periods and at lunch. They
must be filled out accurately including the studentʼs names, their
purpose in coming and the time they left the classroom. Students who
arrive without a pass will be returned to class. Media passes are not
allowed during T.A.


Oquirrh Hills Middle School has a variety of opportunities for students to expand
their connection to the school. These opportunities are provided before or after
school. The list includes:

Jazz Band Debate Team
Science Olympiad Math Counts
Geography Bee Talent Show
Reality Town Reflections
Science Fair Orchestra Concerts
Arts Fair Band Concerts
Drama Performances Choir Concerts
Dance Performances Math Fair


Four students from each grade are elected by their peers to represent the
students and work under the supervision of the student body advisor. These
students must apply each year. They are selected on the basis of GPA, an
interview, student votes and teacher recommendations. A 3.0 GPA is required
to maintain good standing.

The PTSA leaders select four students from each grade to represent the
students on the PTSA Council. The students must apply each year and go
through an interview process. A 3.0 GPA is required to maintain good standing.

Twelve students (four from each grade) are selected to work with a team of
teachers, administrators and parents on the accreditation/school improvement
plan. These students continue in this team for the three years they attend
OHMS. A 3.5 GPA is required to maintain good standing.

Twelve students are part of this team. Four students are selected from each of
the three grades. These students are responsible for producing morning
announcements and providing lighting and sound for auditorium productions.
These students continue on the team for three years. A 3.5 GPA is required to
maintain good standing.


At OHMS, we strive to recognize students for their effort, achievement,
demonstrated improvement, and positive contributions. The following programs
are in place to recognize students for these accomplishments.

Eagle of the Quarter:
This award is presented to twenty-four students each quarter for their
outstanding citizenship. These students are honored at an assembly and are
presented with an award. Parents are invited to the assembly and to a
reception afterwards.

Student of the Month:
Students may be nominated by peers, faculty, staff or the administration to
receive this recognition. Those students nominated are chosen on a quarterly
basis by the Student of the Month Committee for making a positive contribution
to OHMS. These students and their parents are invited to a breakfast in their
honor at OHMS. They receive an individual plaque and their name is engraved
on a permanent school plaque.

Student of the Day:
Students are nominated by teachers and administrators to receive individual
recognition. These students are recognized on the morning announcements
and receive a certificate and a patriotic pencil.

National Junior Honor Society:
Students who exhibit outstanding qualities of scholarship, character, leadership,
service, and citizenship are invited to join the National Junior Honor Society.
Invitations are issued each fall, and membership is renewed automatically by
maintaining the necessary GPA. Student members conduct various service
projects throughout the year. It is the responsibility of the individual student to
make application to the NJHS.

Outstanding Achievement Awards Assembly:
During the spring, the faculty selects the top 7th, 8th and 9th grade achievers in
each of the curriculum areas. These students are honored at an assembly
where they receive peer and faculty recognition.

Honor Roll:
All honor roll students are listed on the official school honor roll on display in the
main hall. They receive a certificate of recognition.

No Tardy Party
Students who have no tardies at the end of each quarter (1-3) are recognized
with an ice cream party for their outstanding efforts.

Presidential Academic Fitness Awards:
Ninth grade students qualify to receive the Presidential Academic Fitness Award
by maintaining a cumulative B+ GPA (3.3).

OHMS is committed to recognizing student achievement. The "Most Improved
Eagle Award" is given to students who improve their academic standing by at
least an increase of .3 (GPA) from one quarter to the next. Students who work
hard to accomplish this goal will receive a certificate and a treat from their
counselor. We hope students will be encouraged to build upon their success
and continue to improve each quarter.

Through our school-wide RESPECT Program, respect cards are issued to
students for exhibiting RESPECTFUL behavior. Students exchange their
certificates in the attendance office for a variety of special rewards.

This team is comprised of the NJHS members. The team is responsible for
collecting recycled paper throughout the building each week.